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This is the place for you if you're a big dreamer who loves spirituality. Here, we'll lean on other like-minded dreamers, build accountability, and find highest alignment through a vault of resources and manifestation-related programming. 



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Get started on your spiritual journey by joining the Dreamaway community! By joining Starseed, you'll get access to Weekly Sunday Oracle readings that happen at 10 AM EST. We get together for an hour to pull cards on the energy of the upcoming week. Bring your journal and even your favorite deck if you want to contribute! All readings are recorded and accessible afterward.

The Starseed Tier also gets access to community forums, daily motivational messages from Haley (M-F), a monthly intention-setting workshop to align with the new Zodiac season, and exciting challenges to hold you accountable while helping you step into your highest self.

Aligned includes everything from Starseed but expands to include a monthly Money Date. This 60 min EFT (tapping) session centers around abundance, with past topics including “Money Magnet: Turning Up Your Money Attraction Dial," and "Trust in Financial Wellbeing." These Money Dates incorporate EFT tapping, journaling, visualization, and more to empower your abundance mindset! Immediately after you join, you'll also get access to a VAULT of past Money Dates and Visualization recordings.

 The Aligned Tier also includes a weekly resource, which could be a podcast, show, book, etc., that we love and know you will, too! You'll also get access to a 30-minute monthly visualization workshop, astrology updates (SMS from the Stars), weekly journal prompts, and an affirmations bank. 

Higher Self includes everything included in Starseed and Aligned, PLUS a 90 min workshop (Dreamaway-exclusive Slingshot Session) every month on various topics related to healing, spirituality, and personal development. Past workshops have included "Turn the Energy Waves: Releasing the Chase and Increasing Magnetism" and "You Are A Winner - Top 1%." You'll also get access to a FULL library of past workshops and daily tapping videos (22, 8, and 7 Days of Tapping).

Higher Self members also enjoy 10% off ALL HHS offerings, which includes coaching with Haley and Slingshot Sessions. You'll also get access to a 60 minute Group Tapping support circle monthly: an intimate setting to discuss what’s bothering us and seek community support. 

Here's a sneak peek at Money Date replays you get access to:
  • Reclaiming Your Divine Abundance
  • Money Momentum
  • Raising Your Money Luck
  • Rewriting Your Money Story
and 24 other incredible sessions! 

You'll also get access to Visualizations like...
  • Trusting the Universe
  • Easy and Natural Dream Life
  • Becoming an Abundant Person
and 6 other magical recordings!
Here's a sneak peek at Dreamaway-Exclusive Slingshot Session replays you get access to:
  • Trusting Others Again
  • Happily Ever After - Dream Love
  • Skyrocket to Your Highest Timeline
  • Feeling Worthy of Financial Uplevels
and 24 other incredible sessions! 

You'll also get access to libraries of daily tapping like...
  • 22 Days of Tapping
  • 8 Days of Abundance Tapping
  • 7 Days of Trust Tapping
  • Tapping "Minis" (1-2 min long tapping sessions from our monthly group coaching session)


Dreamaway-Exclusive Slingshot Sessions (90-min workshops) - Higher Self includes all of the above, and a 90 Min workshop every month on various topics related to healing, spirituality, and personal development. I guide you through journaling designed to peel back the layers of your subconscious so we can tap through your limiting beliefs. Each workshop includes 12 rounds of EFT (tapping). All recordings are shared in your Kajabi library when you become a member.

Group Coaching/Tapping - Higher Self tier members are welcomed to an hour of group coaching, rooted in "Borrowed Benefits" EFT Tapping. Over the course of the hour, members are invited to share what is bothering them or what they could use support in, and we'll ALL tap together to clear it. We get benefits every time we tap - even when we're tapping along with someone else! As a member, you can access these tapping segments in your Tapping Minis library to watch wherever, whenever.


Higher Self

Visualizations - Each month Higher Self and Aligned members get access to a monthly visualization. The visualizations range from 10-20 minutes around the topic of the month. We'll come together to visualize as a collective, and then you'll get access to the recording (and an entire vault of past recordings) to listen whenever, wherever.

Money Dates - Higher Self and Aligned members can join me in a 60-minute workshop all around clearing limiting beliefs around money so we can claim our abundance. Every Money Date centers around the themes of money and abundance, to bring MORE into your life easily and naturally via breakthroughs, EFT, & visualizations. You'll get access to each month's recording and all past recordings in your Kajabi library.


Weekly Energy Readings - Our community staple is our Sunday morning Oracle/Energy Readings, where we get together at 10am EST every Sunday for an hour to meditate, call back our energy, and pull cards on the energy for the week ahead. Anyone can pull who wants to - and it’s chilling how the messages all inter-relate! Higher Self, Aligned, and Starseed members are welcome. If you can't join us live, we always share the recording link and notes afterward!

Zodiac Intention Setting Ceremony - Each month we welcome in the new zodiac season with a 30-minute ceremony to meditate, journal, and read the energy for the month ahead. This is our time to release any old, stagnant energy and claim what's ahead. We also choose a challenge to do as a collective from these readings! Higher Self, Aligned, and Starseed members are welcomed. If you can't join us live, we always share the recording link and notes afterward!

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a peek into dreamaway

"We're creating a magical escape for dreamers to connect with the Universe & manifest."

Beginning my journey

When I first started my spiritual journey, I felt alone in a lot of it - and I’m sure you can relate. Sure, I had some friends who somewhat believed in the same concepts re: manifestation / trusting the Universe that I did, and I had a lot of thought leaders to look up to. I’d spend hours reading books by Abraham Hicks and Dr. Joe Dispenza, watching spiritual YouTube videos, and listening to the Weekly Energy Boost podcast from the Kabbalah Center. But I ached for community. I even tried out a few spiritual centers in Denver, CO before my move to NYC to see if I could find what I was looking for, but nothing felt like quite a fit. 

For many of us, the pandemic extra-emphasized the need for community, and when I started posting about spirituality on TikTok and Instagram, I was amazed how many like-minded spiritual big dreamers I was connecting with. From the comments to the DM’s, I realized there are so many people out there who believe in EXACTLY what I believe - and were on the same journey! 

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The first spirituality/manifestation-based program I launched was the Big Dreams Loading Mastermind, which was my first time creating structured content for a community that showed up daily for manifestation challenges and weekly for virtual programming. I LOVED it. It was amazing to work together towards our big dreams, and have so many like-minded people meeting one another. 

The peak came during the first ever “Dreamaway Camp” in March 2021: a three day virtual retreat to make some serious dreams come to fruition. The energy that weekend was at an all-time high - the type of energy that transforms everyone and everything. 

So, it occurred to me, why just confine the fun to one weekend - or, one month like the mastermind? What if this could be something more long term - so we could REALLY build community, and grow together? And, that’s when the idea for the the Dreamaway Community was born. 

The whole idea behind Dreamaway CAMP was to have a “retreat” in a way without participants ever leaving the comfort of their home - because energetically, that can happen. Think about the last time you read a really good book that pulled you in and transformed you, and suddenly even your home felt different. I wanted to create the same feel through the programming in the Dreamaway Community - a place you could “retreat” to at any time. 

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joining dreamaway

We do this in a way that you can choose your own commitment and move across tiers at any time. We open doors to those on the waitlist on the 1st of each month, so if you're a new member, make sure to get on the list!

Our staple is Sunday morning Oracle readings, where we get together at 10am EST every Sunday for an hour to meditate, call back our energy, and pull cards on the energy for the week ahead. Anyone can pull who wants to - and it’s chilling how the messages all inter-relate! 

Then, we have a number of other monthly programs, such as abundance-based programming called “Money Dates”, 90 minute workshops on topics like “The Receiving Wound” and “Manifesting Your Dream Home”, 60 minute group tapping, daily tapping videos, and so much more. All of these monthly sessions incorporate EFT tapping for maximum shifts! 

Dreamaway contains ALL of my best resources in one space, and the best part of it all is the opportunity to heal, connect, and grow alongside other like-minded people.




" Dreamaway has helped me grow and heal so much. The people in this community are so great. It’s nice to be in an environment where everyone is trying to become better versions of themselves. Each session I attend has the best energy and leaves me feeling so much peace and happiness. "


" The Dreamaway community is honestly my solace. This is the place where I've healed the most and it's all because of Haley, her content, and this beautiful community she brought together. To follow your dreams and be the best version of yourself is beyond amazing but to be cheered on, motivated, and inspired by people from different walks of life is absolutely empowering. Joining Dreamaway has been one of the best decisions I've made. To the person reading this - Come along! you will not regret it! "


" The Dreamaway community has become an important part of my daily routine. I love utilizing the resources to ground and inspire myself to go after the life of my dreams. The BEST part of Dreamaway is the space Haley and her team have created for community members to connect and support. Five stars , would recommend! "


" The Dreamaway community makes my heart so happy because it has given me the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. You can’t discuss manifestation and the universe with everyone! I especially love our Sunday group readings that make me feel rejuvenated + help ground me for the upcoming week. Haley and her team go above and beyond to make you feel a part of it all and so much greatness has come into my life since joining Dreamaway. So, if you’re looking for a community who believes in the magic of the universe and dreams big, this is the place for you! "


" The Dreamaway community is like the perfect introduction into spirituality & manifestation - it’s so nice to be able to meet with such a lovely group of people who all inspire each other to grow into the best versions of ourselves! The weekly energy reads have made Sunday one of my favorite days of the week. So grateful to Haley for sharing her gifts with us and being such a great leader of this community. "

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Join the Dreamaway community as a Starseed! This tier grants you access to weekly Sunday evening collective energy readings and intention setting ceremonies, community discussion and resource sharing, and daily motivational messages (M-F). All Starseeds have the option to upgrade tiers at any time or choose add-on courses, workshops, rituals, and challenges.

Alignment requires daily upkeep - and, at times, a shifting back into place. The ALIGNED tier of Dreamaway ensures you are in alignment with your biggest dreams as frequently as possible, through access to a monthly Money Date, monthly visualization, weekly resources, astrology updates, and affirmations banks to affirm and fluff up your abundance energy!

Dreamaway's highest tier is for the ones who are ready to take it up a few notches - since, of course, our dreams demand that of us. This tier ensures you have everything you need to make absolute magic on a daily basis. Think of this tier's offering's as SPIRITUAL ROCKET-FUEL! They hit on all cylinders, so you can soar.

We're so excited you're joining the community!