Picture this:

Picture this:

I’m 22 years old and my pastime is sitting on the couch all day, eating granola, trying to figure out how the heck to get unstuck in my life. "Stuck" had never been in my trajectory.

I had recently graduated from Brown, I’d published a book, I’d done a speaking tour, and I had the type of ambition that could keep you up all night - and YET, a few circumstances derailed that trajectory and I found myself stuck in every possible way. The stuck feeling (you might know it: icky, heavy, like walking through thick mud), and the stuck circumstances, where every road felt like a dead end. 


but I'm getting ahead of myself!

To back up and start WAY at the beginning, we’ll find ourselves at the beginning of my senior year of high school. Now, when people hear that I went to an Ivy, they assume I was a straight-A honors student my entire life, and that school was my sole focus. That could NOT be more wrong. The word I’ll use to classify my early life was “coasting.” I was a straight B student - and I was okay with that! I just didn’t really care. Motivation wasn’t my mother tongue, and I didn’t really care about college. High school brought me other journeys: I tried out theatre the first two years, and then worked in restaurants as a hostess the last two years, both of which I really enjoyed. I learned a lot about myself through my after school jobs and made great friends.

I was definitely creative! I LOVED music, I wrote some songs, and would write poems/stories for hours at night. This comes into play later. ;)

When I thought about my future, I didn’t think much. MAYBE I’d go to a school on the West Coast. MAYBE I’d be a photographer…? (I was taking a photography class I really liked). It was all so fuzzy and I didn’t think much about un-fuzzing it. Until one day. 

People always think your life is going to change because of a significant event that happens TO you (er, for you - as I like to say), but that isn’t what happened for me. I was 17, I was starting to get college acceptances to some smaller schools, and I thought I’d figured out THE one that I’d go to. 

But then, something happened...

I was walking to my next class with a friend who had made a decision about the same school, and it’s like the Universe opened up a portal on the sidewalk. Everything felt wrong. It felt like I was living at a measly 8% of my potential (no way to quantify, that number just feels right) and it was suddenly EXTREMELY uncomfortable to me. Imagine laying in a sleeping bag and then all of a sudden the sleeping bag shrinks to a fraction of its size, and nearly suffocates you. That’s how it felt. My new pal motivation had SHOWED UP and it was here to stay! 

I worked as hard as I could through my senior year of high school, and began college at CU Boulder for the first two years. I started a global nonprofit called Lit Without Limits, where I donated books and accompanying curriculums to young girls in mentoring groups across the world. We spread as far as Pakistan and the Philippines, had hundreds of global ambassadors, and donated over 300 books. I did every extracurricular that caught my eye at CU: I was President of Freshman Council in Student Government, then was the Director of Academic Affairs the following year. I gave my all to everything. 

my motivation took over...

lit without limits

CU Boulder


I transferred to Brown as a junior and loved Brown in every way. There, I created a bit of my own “concentration” (Brown’s word for “major”) - female self agency in entrepreneurship and venture capital. I wrote my honors thesis about it, and got to activate my research by starting the first female entrepreneurship incubator on campus. This research paved the way for my book, Her Big Idea, which came out a few weeks after my college graduation (I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and highest honors). 

Accepted to Brown

Graduated with Honors

First book published

following graduation...

I took a job at a startup postgrad, and loved the flexibility and the ability to be truly creative! But life had its own plans for me. My book caused just enough of a stir that I was able to start a speaking tour - something I’d never thought of until an entrepreneurship professor in Ohio called me and asked me to come speak. The tour expanded all over: Harvard, Northeastern, Columbia, the University of San Diego, Yale, the University of Michigan, even back to CU Boulder! And many more. 

the big ideas tour

I LOVED motivational speaking. It fired me up. I loved helping the students I was meeting with their big ideas and encouraging them to pursue entrepreneurship. So, the time came to invest in myself fully. I knew I had to spread my wings and go out on my own - quitting my postgrad job just 7 months in. So many opportunities were coming in so quickly, and I was making great money from speaking - something I really, genuinely loved. I had full confidence in myself. 

When I took the leap… I fell. They say take the leap and a net will catch you. And in a way, that’s true. It just doesn’t always catch you right away, and in my case, it took a hot second and some major adjustments. Whereas it had been SO easy to land speaking gigs before and everything was feeling so expansive, the college school year was coming to an end, and colleges just weren’t hiring anymore, but promised to circle back the next fall. 

speaking to amazing, visionary students

YIKES. I saw the writing on the wall very clearly. I had no idea what to do next. I continued some miscellaneous freelance writing jobs, tried out for an acting agency in Denver and did a few commercials as an extra/smaller role, but aside from that…no dice. I was starting to panic. I had no idea how I was going to continue this, and what had happened to my big dreams. Speaking and doing a few commercials had also illuminated how much I wanted a career in entertainment - something that felt so far off and impossible to me. So, I found myself feeling really hopeless and stuck, thinking the only way out was some divine intervention. 

After a few hard months, I met my EFT practitioner Tiffany and had my first profound EFT Tapping session. I had done EFT Tapping in early college when I was experiencing a lot of test anxiety, so I knew how well it worked, and figured I needed some help again. EFT Tapping is a technique rooted in Chinese medicine that - I’ll skip to the chase - has changed my life. If you’re unfamiliar, EFT consists of lightly tapping on certain meridian points, which clears the emotion associated with certain memories and situations, and rewires the brain as a result. We’ll get into all of that in more depth, but the main thing for you to know: that was the tool that slingshotted me forward. It released the stuck. It re-aligned me with my power. It did for me what it does for everyone who tries it.

After just ONE tapping session, the stuck feeling dissolved and I felt productive again. And then other things started to change. I was extremely stressed about money and living on dwindling savings, with few prospects for work in speaking or writing. Because of the internal shift, I ended up reconnecting with an old friend who happened to need a LOT of writing for his own clients - and those clients had many, many friends who also needed writing. Business grew so quickly via word of mouth that I had started a full copywriting agency and was writing articles all day everyday. 

the journey had its bumps...

touring the Big Apple

Welcome Home, Haley!

One Month Post Move!

The next chapter begins...

in New york city!

Because of this financial jump, I was able to make the move to my dream city of Manhattan just six months after starting this journey. I moved to NYC in February 2020 - just five weeks before the pandemic. But in that time, I was able to land a meeting with a big modeling/acting agency, and they signed me. I stayed in Denver for 3 months waiting out the worst of the pandemic and anxious to get back, but in this time, my entertainment dreams started to take flight. I had made a TikTok about my story and everything that had changed that was my first VIRAL video. And I just kept posting! By the time I returned to Manhattan in June of 2020, I had gained 10K followers - which raced to 50K by July and 100K by September. All the while, I just kept tapping and working on my mindset. 

Making content about spirituality felt so aligned - like I was really expressing my authentic self. I liked writing, but writing for others had diminished some of my creative voice. I loved getting to revive my motivational speaking muscle by speaking on camera, and it was really helping people! From here, I started to offer programs like a Big Dreams Loading Mastermind for law of attraction/rewiring and, because of many requests, 1:1 coaching. 

Film zee content!

I had found my footing...

I’m now 26 years old and it’s all continued to blossom. I now have a community of over 125K on Instagram and 415K on TikTok. I vlog on YouTube. I’ve continuously put out a podcast episode on my podcast BIG CONVERSATIONS every Tuesday for the past 2.5 years. I’ve created a subscription community called Dreamaway for spiritual big dreamers, where we do Sunday morning Oracle readings, monthly money dates, 90 minute workshops, book clubs, and more. And I love all of it, more than anything. Because we’re talking about things that matter, and as I continue to heal/release/manifest/uplevel, I’m doing it alongside all of you. 

Now, I have many programs that utilize EFT tapping to facilitate massive breakthroughs and up levels. I encourage you to take a look at the SLINGSHOT SESSIONS tab to learn more and read participants’ stories and testimonials. And, because we all continue to evolve, I’ve also started a music journey, picking up the pen again to write songs, sing, and release music. Check out my MUSIC page to see more there. 

I believe we all have the power to change our lives and it begins in our subconscious minds. Having these tools is THE most empowering thing - and growing as a community makes my heart soar. I can’t wait to continue this important work, and do it all together! Thanks for taking the time to read my full story to date. Ever-evolving. 

big hugs,