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the friend who helps bring your pipe dream to life. 

Welcome to the HHS website! All of my big important content lives right here. Take a tour of the site, get to know me, and find everything you need to know about Slingshot Sessions, the Dreamaway Community, and all my offerings!  Have questions? You can reach out via the contact page! I'm so happy you're here.

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Haley hoffman smith

hello lovelies!

I'm Haley hoffman smith

The friend who helps brings your pipe dreams to life. 

Hi, I’m Haley! I love few things more than magic, subconscious breakthroughs, music, and golden doodles. I’m a 26 year old living her dream in Manhattan - and I learned SO much about mindset, manifesting, the subconscious mind, and more on my journey. I love helping others bring their pipe dreams to life by shifting beliefs, releasing old stories, and connecting with the Universe!

As for my own dream - I’ve finally started to embark on a long held inner calling of singing and songwriting, which was a total plot twist. But life is truly about the adventure! Get the WHOLE story by clicking the button below. 

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Haley hoffman smith

i can''t stop myself (remix)

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the friend who also will produce an album.

I wrote I Can't Stop Myself as a reflection on a really difficult few months I had this year - which spurred some dark moments. I genuinely did not know if I wanted to continue in my career.
Even in the midst of wanting to give up, a compulsion still continued within me… whether they were content ideas, song melodies, song lyrics, Slingshot Session topics… they continued to flow forth within me even when I wanted to shut it down. 
I couldn't silence the pull towards what I really want to do with my life. Even when it really scared me. Even when I WANTED to stop myself. 
I could not stop myself.
That's the story behind the song - but the song is not just about me.
It's for every time you have ever walked the thin line between giving up or pushing forward. 

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slignshot sessions

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In order to soar forward, you must first pull back. Welcome to Slingshot Sessions: 90 minute group EFT tapping sessions to help you pull back, rebalance, heal and restore, to shoot you FORWARD with massive momentum. 

Money Blocks

It's allowed to
be easy


If you struggle to make above a certain amount of money, or make it consistently, it’s the result of an energetic money block. This session will guide you to identify and eradicate blocks, connecting them with core memories or concepts that are stored in your subconscious. 

What if it’s SO MUCH EASIER THAN THAT? What if it comes together beautifully? What if there’s a divine hand in all of it, and you have all you need within you ALREADY for the successful manifestation? In this session, we’ll uncover where the belief that it has to be ‘hard’ comes from, and clear it so that more success, opportunities, and BLISS can come to you easily and naturally.

The Worthiness Wound is a significant focal point in our healing journey, as all areas of our lives stem from this. Worthiness bleeds into money, relationships, confidence, and more. This Slingshot Session focuses specifically on changing / interrupting memories associated with a “lack of worthiness.” You’ll explore where you “learned” that you are not worthy (lies!), and we will rewrite those memories. 

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“I cleared blocks I have had for most of my life. It brought up things I didn’t even realize I was holding on to. Since learning how to tap & adding the specific affirmations to my routine, I have been more motivated & productive than I have been all year!”


"I was amazed at how quickly my blocks were released during my session. I will continue to practice EFT for all areas of my life. Thank you Haley for this gift of healing."


"I loved slingshot sessions. It was worth every penny and more to work through these blocks in a clear, concise way. I have taken a huge step forward in my healing journey. Thank you!!"

K. V

"I loved slingshot sessions for being able to help me get over/release my fear of being seen from a past experience that was heavily embedded in my psyche."

1:1 coaching

subconscious breakthrough coaching

1:1 subconscious breakthrough coaching using eft

One of my favorite things is helping individuals 1:1 with their own subconscious breakthroughs. I offer 30 minute and 1 hour sessions, and work as a "detective" to unravel and discover core memories, limiting beliefs, and "stories" that might be keeping you stuck. Once these are identified and released via EFT tapping, visualizations, and a few other powerful mind techniques, EVERYTHING is possible. 

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Never too late

"Working with Haley has shown me that it is never too late in life to achieve your goals and create the life that has always been waiting for you! She meets you where you are in your journey and challenges you to keep focused on building a life with infinite possibilities. Her encouragement lets you see results in even a short time."

feeling seen

"Haley has made me feel so seen while working with her. I feel like there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to my biz and my personal growth—like literally after every conversation and EFT session we had, I was just ready to go. I now believe that I do deserve success, that I am worthy of $20k months, all of the guilt and fear of success is gone!"

big conversations

Big conversations

join me to talk about all of these big important conversations.

If you're ready to step in the BIGGER version of yourself and your destiny, then you've found the right podcast, because we're about to have some BIG conversations about just that. 

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