Helping you bring your “pipe dreams” to reality through subconscious breakthroughs + manifestation.

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When I Was 18, I Had My First Big Idea:

A global literacy and empowerment nonprofit that would donate books to girls around the world in mentorship groups. 
I heeded the call, it spread as far as Pakistan and the Philippines. I learned as I went. I saw firsthand how something you can dream up in your head can go out and change the world
Now, I’m passionate about helping other achieve their Big Ideas and the dreams they have for their lives through subconscious breakthroughs and manifestation. I help you, quite literally, do what you previously believed was IMPOSSIBLE for your life. I’m fanatic about helping your dreams glisten with POSSIBILITY – and then, become reality.
I started the Her Big Idea Fund in partnership with my alma mater Brown University’s Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, which allocates grants to women of all ages and backgrounds to help them begin their big ideas. 
I share this same message as a motivational speaker. Forbes recently called me one of today’s most influential female speakers, and I’ve spoken at colleges like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and conferences at places like Microsoft and SoGal Ventures. 

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Does your college or conference need a speaker that can inspire the audiences to pursue their big dreams? I can’t wait to help.


My subconscious breakthrough coaching sessions utilize EFT Tapping to help you identify and release major blockages in your life (such as money, relationship, confidence, and worth blocks).

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