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EFT: Do it yourself

learn about Emotional freedom tapping and how to do it yourself

Welcome to the EFT DIY (Do It Yourself) Course! This course covers everything you need to know about doing EFT Tapping on your own. We can get a LOT done 1:1 with a practitioner or in Slingshot Sessions, but what many don't know is that those same shifts can be achieved through solo work, when done correctly. This 21-lesson long course will help you understand everything you need to know about how to effectively use EFT tapping on your own to clear limiting beliefs, manifest your dreams, and feel more peace on a daily basis. 

EFT do it yourself







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What the Course includes...

The fascinating science behind tapping and WHY/HOW it works for healing and rewiring your mindset (and therefore manifesting!)

In-depth "how-to's" for DIY effective rounds of general tapping, including the full process and the meridian points

How to identify the emotion or energy "blockage" associated with a limiting belief and clear it

Secrets to success to get tapping results AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE

The complete intel on how to come up with a script to say while tapping on the spot (including a workbook of instructions and prompts to make it as easy and effective as possible)

Vital information on "pattern interrupts", and examples of how to use them effectively to get even faster shifts while tapping on your own

A "funny animal story" generator worksheet with over 9,200 story possibilities

Documents of illuminating, guiding questions to pinpoint sneaky subconscious limiting beliefs for each round of tapping

Three total practice rounds of "tap with me" - 2 for General Tapping, 1 for Tapping for Uplevels

Many graphics and file downloads to help you thoroughly understand and execute the entire EFT process on your own

The ability to comment in the course to ask questions, get live-time feedback and answers, and connect with other students! 


"i snagged your eft diy course yesterday and binged it, it was amazing! i am new(ish) to tapping and i'm just needing a little clarity on something... the script helped a ton! "


"i just wanted to thank you for your eft course!! in july, i was so stuck. i tried to manifest the questions for my oral exams and even though i passed them, the questions didn't come. yesterday and today i had the exams and i was a bit scared of not passing them. so i kept doing eft tapping and manifesting the questions that did come!!!! in both cases, the professor asked me what i wanted!! i felt shocked!!! i feel so grateful to you!"

Lauren W.

"i took the eft diy course! i learned about eft listening to haley so had to be taught by her too! this course is amazing as you learn how to use eft tapping to best help you. you can learn to do this on any topic anywhere as you need it. you learn with models that haley gives you and helps you transform your life. so glad i bought this as i will use this the rest of my life."

This course is yours for life!

This course is estimated to take 2-3 hours for completion, and as aforementioned, includes many documents and visuals to make future rounds of tapping as easy as possible after you've watched the course in entirety. In the EFT DIY Course you'll learn everything you need to know about Emotional Freedom Tapping to clear your limiting beliefs and change your life! This course is a one-time, $277 investment into your future, and the course is YOURS FOR LIFE!

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The Purpose

discover your life's purpose, it's an epic journey.

Here's what I believe:

every single one of us knows our life purpose. we came into the world sure of it.

....But over time, that purpose may have become invalidated by limiting beliefs around its feasibility.

"Go for logical, responsible, and credible!" the world told us.

And here we end up: confused, unhappy, feeling stuck and foggy on what we should study or what job we should take.

There's never been a better time to get back to the heart of our Life's mission, and here's a spoiler alert:

it is the most epic, fantastical, exciting and magical possible adventure that your  heart yearns for.

find your purpose with

the purpose pilot

purpose pilot







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Welcome to the Purpose Pilot!

my story

what to expect

my story

morning meditation

prepare for the week

learn your power as a creator


quiz: guidelines for the week

Day One: Nice to Meet YOU!

free write prompts

take your childhood self for a walk

the energy test method

passion & interests brain dump

love letter to yourself

create your vision board tutorial

interview friends and family

recommeded personality tests

Day Two: Meeting ours fears & limiting beliefs

identifying your one thing

why today is important

meet your limiting beliefs

meet your fears: "then what"

creating & using affirmations

emotional freedom technique (EFT)

Day Three: Devising an Action Plan

how to eat an elephant

advise a friend

prepping for tomorrow

finding an accountability partner

Day Four: Coping with Procrastination & Feeling Stuck

do it day commences

Happy do it day! Avoid procrastination

Day Five: Creating Lasting Change

action plan moving forward

reflect on what your learned

high performance habits

Ankita T.

"Haley's course is active, engaging, and tangible. She forces you to look in the mirror and get real about what it is that you want, what you're afraid of, and how to put a plan in place. The five day course is aligned so that you can take a step towards your life purpose and dream everyday. Investing in this course is investing in your future self."

This course is yours for life!

In this course, you'll learn, WHO you really; what your dreams are and why you must pursue them; what limiting beliefs are getting in the ay of your success and joy; how to clear resistance and break through what's holding you back; and finally, the tools you'll use for the rest of your life for more happiness, wealth, and fulfillment.  The Purpose Pilot will help you achieve newfound clarity on your life's purpose, transformation in how you view yourself and the world, and action that produces massive results and progress. This LIFECHANGING course is a one-time investment of $197 and then it's yours for life! 

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