Haley has spoken at dozens of universities, conferences, and companies, including Harvard, Yale, Microsoft, and SoGal Ventures, and TEDx twice.

She was recently named one of today’s most influential female speakers by Forbes and a Top 12 Motivational Speaker to Capture Your Audience by Under30CEO alongside Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran and spiritual author Eckhart Tolle.

Haley Offers the Following Speaking Topics:


In her signature talk that swept the nation on the Big Ideas Tour following the publication of Her Big Idea, Your Big Idea encourages college students to take action on their own entrepreneurial ideas. Many college students cite feeling anxious about postgraduate plans, especially when they truly want to start a business. However, they also feel a deep seated fear of failure — which is why they seldom take the action to bring their big idea to life. 

In this honest talk, Haley shares her own entrepreneurial roadmap — a company failure and all — to prove that you aren’t a failure unless you let failure be the end of your story. In fact, that part of your story may enable you to help the world in an even more profound way.

“Haley made us realize that failure is just a trigger that drives us to achieving something bigger in life. This session has only motivated me more to continue and not lose hope in anything I believe in.”
Sunny R.
Northeastern University


Do you believe that you can create your life? Many of today’s top creators and most successful gurus credit vision boards and subconscious work as the central reasons their biggest goals came to fruition. Haley agrees with those, wholeheartedly, and has stories of her own to illustrate the connection between the subconscious and achieving big life goals.

In this career and life purpose-oriented talk, Haley will help audience members find guidance and clarity on identifying their core big life dream, with tactical tips for how to accelerate its fruition more rapidly.

“I have always lacked the confidence I needed to start with my passion; wellness and philanthropy. I created my wellness Instagram last week, but I was too afraid to tell anyone, after Haley's talk, I am ready to share it!”
Katherine M.
University of Colorado, Boulder


“Personal brand” can be a nebulous concept, but it’s a non-negotiable for today’s entrepreneurs and creators to create a ‘stickiness’ that establishes trust with followers. Haley’s personal brand formula of passion + purpose has helped hundreds of women identify how to build a brand that feels authentic to them. Audience members will learn that personal brand isn’t something you ‘create’ or ‘manufacture,’ – rather, it’s something that you unleash. 

“She had me at "hello". It took three seconds for me to be locked into her message.”
Jenna H.
Harvard University

Haley's Recent TEDx Talk

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3.10 Regional Entrepreneurship Conference Keynote

12.1 TEDx Beaver Country Day School

5.1  TEDxMiss Porter’s School

4.10 San Diego State University

4.5 Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference

3.9 Women’s Empowerment @ Brown Conference

2.15 University of Michigan Ross School of Business Women Who Launch Symposium Keynote

1.23 University of Pennsylvania Pennovation

12.1 SoGal Ventures Influencer Summit Keynote

11.27 University of Colorado Boulder

11.15 Columbia University

11.12 Yale University Entrepreneurial Society

11.3 Harvard Young Women in Business Conference

10.30 Northeastern University 

5.30 Microsoft Ascent Conference

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