The Purpose Pilot 

Dive into into discovering your greater purpose with Haley Hoffman Smith in an interactive and personalized way. The Teachable course, the Purpose Pilot, is a five day course devoted to finding and executing your life’s purpose for those of all ages.

Haley Hoffman Smith guides users through the five day course through videos and personal strategies that are effective in today’s day and age. Everyday users are encouraged to tackle a different aspect of user’s lives and how they can evolve their day-to-day lives into a positive, goal-oriented, and fulfilling lifestyle. 

The course is available on Teachable or can be found on this webpage, please reach out to Haley at or Haley’s assistant Camila at, if you have any inquiries.

"If you want to find your purpose, this is it. I jumped into this course not knowing that my life was about to be transformed." -Beca Damico, 17

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