Her Big Idea

Recently named a top 20 book to read this summer by Forbes and a Top 20 book to read during lockdown to inspire you by NBC, ABC, Fox34, and USA Today, Her Big Idea explores the themes of creative ideation and the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

I wrote this book in 2018 as a call to action for anyone who wants to pursue a Big Idea.

Follow the call!

Trust the adventure!

It shares the honest story of my own entrepreneurial roller coaster to prove: you aren’t a failure unless you let failure be the end of your story.

And I know you’re just getting started.

All we have to give this world is what we create. If we rob ourselves of the chance to come up with a BIG idea, and to bring it to the world in a way only we can, with our unique vision and creativity, we have failed at the one big and beautiful task in this life: To give of ourselves and our talents in a way that benefits others.” – HER BIG IDEA

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