About the Fund

When Haley Hoffman Smith published Her Big Idea, a book empowering female entrepreneurs to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas, she knew there had to be another way to help beyond just the motivation to go after their big idea. The book itself was inspired by the statistic that in 2017, only 2 percent of venture capital spending went to female founders. Beyond the VC world, entrepreneurship can be inherently exclusive because of income inequalities. 

The Her Big Idea Fund seeks to eliminate the financial barrier to starting a big idea. This year, two $500 grants will be awarded to female-identifying founders of all ages and backgrounds. Alongside the grants, Hoffman Smith will offer a year of mentorship to help with the startup building process.

After hundreds of applicants, five finalists have since been named and it is time for the 2020 Her Big Idea Fund Board and the general community to vote for the two women who will win. The fund strives to not only break financial boundaries to pursue a big idea, but provide a community that will support these young women through their personal journeys — so, if you see an idea you can help with, please don’t hesitate to let us know so we can connect you to our finalists!

Meet Your 2020 Winners...


My big idea is Melodies for Math, an initiative that explains various math concepts through short, compelling original songs and is the first Music x Math community by and for Gen Z. This project aims to bridge the gap between STEM and Arts, open more peoples’ minds to the beauty of mathematics, and propel more individuals toward STEM-related careers. I am so excited because I had this idea in the back of my mind as early as the 7th grade. For the longest time, I wanted a resource to explain math through music but never found one. As someone who learns best through music and as someone who struggled to fit into a particular community, I wanted to create the community and platform that I wish I had and that others could surely benefit from.


I am reimagining the way that moms pump and store their breast milk. My co-founder and I are designing a functional and stylish, reusable breast milk storage system that eliminates the need for milk transfers and leaching of harsh chemicals associated with plastics and stores efficiently in the freezer! Creating the unseeable inspires me most. I often daydream about what the future will look like, and I am motivated to be at the forefront of designing a landscape that today we can’t imagine, but tomorrow we can’t unsee. I am so excited to help new moms reach their breastfeeding goals and provide an efficient, healthy, and sustainable way to do so.


2019's Winner: Jennice Chance

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