1:1 Coaching Sessions

Here Are Some of the Most Common Questions I Get Asked:

How do I find my purpose?
How do I start to take steps to go after my big dream?
What do I do after college?
I want to quit my job and start my business, but don’t know how. Help?
I want to apply to a top tier school. How do I set myself apart?
How do I write/publish/market a book?
How did you start motivational speaking?
How do you land press?
How do you make a vision board or use manifestation to help you further your goals?
How do I build out a goals system and plan?
How do you start writing for publications?


All AMAZING and big big questions — and I can help and coach you through all of it.
In true “ditch the plan, live into the answers” nature, my coaching sessions are self-directed. You tell me what you want to talk about, YOU set your KPI’s and what you want from the session, and I show up to help you move the mountains. 1:1 sessions are an amazing chance to go in-depth and make a logistical plan that you feel good about.
“If you are called to consider booking a session with Haley, you will not be disappointed. In one hour Haley helped to pinpoint my limiting beliefs and taught me how to break my own mental barriers. She helped me uncover my purpose and put a plan together to launch my own business and write a book. She genuinely cares about her clients and takes a personal interest to help them achieve their greatness.
Book a session, it will change your life.”


You’ve probably listened to Big Conversations, watched my TikToks, read Her Big Idea, or otherwise — but you want some help and guidance beyond the tips I share in my content. You need an outside perspective from someone who’s done what you want to do. You want to ‘pick my brain,’ have me as your cheerleader (which I already am, BTW!), and help you set a BIG plan in motion. 
Choose a 30 minute or one hour call at the scheduling link below. If you’re interested in coaching on a more ongoing basis, inquire with me directly by emailing me at haley@herbigidea.org.


Dozens of entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground
Aspiring authors get a book published
New speakers book their first few talks
Hopeful speakers write a talk that they’re proud of
High school students land admission to their dream schools
College students land admission to their dream graduate programs
Many entrepreneurs land press in major publications
Countless individuals tap into their big dream and sense of purpose

“In my 1 hour 1:1 with Haley she was able to give me so much more clarity on my business goals and how to achieve them. She truly is an inspirational, intelligent business woman. She is a great communicator and understands how to break down long term goals in to an achievable business model. I cannot recommend her enough!”

 – Cat B.

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